Monday, November 2, 2009

Last days in Kyiv

I finally had a chance to write an update on what happened our last days in Kyiv.

10/27/09 - Today was the big day. Olga, has left the building. This is a whole new start for little miss Olga or should I say Grace Olga. I met with the director Maria, the caseworker and Nadia at the institution to complete the final paperwork and get Olga’s medical records, transfer information and old pictures. Maria, gave us a going away present. A Ukrainian wreath that brings blessings to the home. I thanked them for thanking good care of Olga and told them I really appreciate their kindness towards us as well as Olga. I had given the director a picture of the three of us and she placed it on the ledge in her office. It was the first of many we had said. The translator told Maria that there is plenty of room to fill up the ledge. She agreed. I went out into the hall with Olga, the caregivers and employees were all waiting. This was a big day for them as well they have never experienced this before. We said our goodbyes. One of the ladies asked for our Skype address, I was just thinking how are we going to communicate. Anyway, we were off. When the caregiver had changed Olga into her new clothes I think she had an idea she was leaving because she told her group goodbye. We were on our way to Kyiv. This drive was going to take longer then our prior trip. She is an amazing traveler. We played with her shoes, they have Velcro. There are hours of fun with Velcro. She took a couple of naps. Not one complaint from this girl. We finally arrived in Kyiv and had to make a stop at the US Embassy, then switch cars and off to get our key to our apartment. Olga, just went with the flow. Boy! What a long day. I had bought some ready made food and just warmed it in the microwave. Olga, just explored the apartment. She likes shutting doors, she did that for a while. Then she played with the light switch. Then she took her PJ’s off then put them on, over and over. She even took over the remote for the T.V. She would hand it off to me if she wanted me to change the channel then when she liked something she would nod. She was so compliant that it made me realize that she is putting her trust in me, mommy.

10/28/09 - Today was Olga’s medical and visa appointment. We were up and ready to go by 8:30. She sleeps really well. Yulia, met us outside and told us a cab would pick us up. She was well behaved at the medical office. When the doctor spoke to her she followed his instructions. Then it was off to the US Embassy. She took a nap on the way. When we got there she woke right up. Inside, as I was trying remove metal and find the pointy thing that was showing up on the xray of my purse. Olga, went on the other side of the counter. Passing back and forth through the metal detector. The folks there just spoke to her and laughed of course in Russian. We had to come back at 2:00 for the interview and visa for Olga. No Internet access in the apartment or a modem for us to use. Yulia, told me that McDonald’s has wi fi. So, Olga and I ventured out and walked to Independence Square about a 5 minute walk. At first, she didn't want to leave the apartment. But I convinced her to come out. I guess she was tired of the up and down. She is a trooper. In our apartment you have to walk down a flight of stairs, get on the elevator, stop on the fourth floor and go up one flight of stairs. Anyway, we made it to McDonald’s. She wasn’t sure about the place, lots of people and action. I ordered, we got our food and sat down. I bought Olga Chicken McNuggets and myself a cheeseburger. I gave her a bite of the chicken McNugget, she did not like it. She spit it out. Then I offered her a French fry she made a face and spit it out too. I had one more option, cheeseburger, she took a bite smiled and nodded as to say “I can eat this”. So she ate her first cheeseburger and darn I didn’t have my camera to memorialize it. She ate a few French fry’s with ketchup. By the way the computer was acting up and I couldn’t use it. We went back to the apartment to wait for our ride to the US Embassy. Back at the US Embassy she was on the other side of the counter pulling a plastic container out. Here comes Olga. When we were done we were on the road again this time to Independence Square to the Internet cafĂ©. Olga, just sat and waited. Even Yulia commented that she is really good. We walked back to our apartment and this time Olga took off her shoes, she was done. Thank God we are scheduled to come home tomorrow. All is well, God is faithful even at times when I’m not sure what to do.


  1. Liz:

    My name is Jolie Rahn and since September 2008 I have been wishing for a wonderful family to come take Olga home. You and your husband are it. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for leaving it open. When I first saw Olga's face, I was mesmerized by her. I was actually looking for boys on RR since I have so may girls of my own. But, when I saw Olga, I was captivitated by her. Thank you for being her family and her voice. She is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL girl. She has a beautiful pout and her haircut is too cute for words. You are both lucky to have each other. Thank God for this miracle to come to fruition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for adopting her.

    Jolie Rahn

  2. Congrats to your family. Grace is beautiful!

  3. Thank you so much for saving our children. May God grant you health, happiness and patience.