Friday, October 23, 2009

Bumps in the Road

Yesterday we had to go back to Dnepropetrovsk to have Olga scanned for her passport. But first we had to have some papers signed by an official here in Krivoy Rog. Olga, was especially happy today when I saw her. She gave me two big hugs and I think she even tried to kiss me. I took her hand and outside we went to the van. It didn’t take much for her to giggle, all the driver had to do was back up the van and her eyes lit up. We are moving!! So she smiled and giggled especially when we hit bumps in the road. She giggled a lot, the roads are not the smoothest. Lesson learned that not all bumps in the road are a negative thing ;). This trip was going to give us some good bonding time and determine how she handles traveling. She was amazing! We played with her coat. It’s a game of here’s my coat, now give it back, here’s my coat, now give it back. Sometimes we played this game with her hat. At times she was glued to the window looking at the countryside and trying to fight sleep. It was past her nap time. Sleep finally took over and she was out. I laid her down on my lap so she was comfortable. She looks so sweet when she’s asleep. Well we made it to Dnepropetrovsk and she did great. We had her picture scanned and we were off again. We stopped at the market for a snack for Olga because it was past dinner time. She is a trooper! We made it back to the institution past her bed time. Thank God someone was at the gate when we pulled up. I walked Olga to the building and one of the caregivers took her in. Although we had been on the road long and it was late, she was still all smiles and it was as though she was thinking “wait till I tell them what I saw today.”

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  1. Hooray! So good to see her face minus the hat. :) She looks so precious and sweet in this photo!

    You are getting there! Praying you home soon!