Friday, October 16, 2009

Smarty pants.

Tim, left this morning for Kyiv. He will be leaving for the U.S. early Saturday morning. I hoped that we would all be able to go back together but Olga and I will be home soon. I went to visit Olga this morning at our usual time. Andrei, was getting the update on Olga's condition from the caregivers and he said that the doctor said Olga will recover in 14 days. She will only be quarantined for 3 of the 14. That's just in time for us to fly back to the U.S. That's God's perfect timing!

Today, I was allowed to spend 20 minutes with Olga. They brought her outside through the back exit like a movie star:). As the caregiver handed her over into my arms Olga was signing "more". Ah! I know what she wants, candy! It was a little cool outside with the wind blowing but we went over to the swing anyway. I pushed Olga and told her I was happy to see her. I was pointing to myself and saying "mama". She said "papa", it figures. She was eyeing my coat pocket....she wanted candy. I gave her some and when I asked if she wanted more, she just moves her head side to side, rolling her eyes, as to say "what do you think! Although she's sick she is all smiles and giggles. Our 20 minutes were up so we headed back. I knocked on the door so someone could come and get Olga. As we waited Olga signed "more". I gave her some more chocolate candy. She signed again and again until the piece of chocolate was gone. It's amazing how quickly she learned to sign "more". If chocolate motivates her, well then we need to buy some stock in the Hershey Company. That just shows her ability to learn, I'm so proud of Grace Olga. As Tim and I always believed, all children have the ability to learn if they are given the opportunity. Thank you Lord for giving us this privilege.

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  1. I'm sorry I haven't been following your blog. I was so touched by the post about your judge giving all those gifts for your new daughter. And I'm so glad God knew all about the chickenpox ahead of time.
    God bless you tons.